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Search documents

The search bar provides extensive search capabilities, including:

  • search operators (AND, OR, NOT, DIST);
  • individual document attributes search (title, text, meta data);
  • use of semantic technology and industries notions created by the TeqViser team or independently.
Save your search query
Saving helps you quickly receive past search results. Any type of query on the platfrom can be saved.
Filter found documents
Found documents can be filtered based on their attributes. The system provides statistics on the number of documents with certain characteristics.
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Choose document type

The system can provide documents of the following types for search and analysis:

  • News - news from technology web sources;
  • Science – scientific articles, conferences transcripts, academic books;
  • Patents – patents and pending applications from ~ 80 patent offices (countries);
  • Companies – companies and venture investment data
  • Markets – market volume analytics collected from the reports of leading experts.
View the document card

The document card contains basic information about the document. (title, keywords, text snippets, year, authors, related organizations, etc.), and also allows you to:

  • put tags on the document, take notes;
  • translate documents;
  • find similar (look-a-like) documents.
TeqViser is an indispensable tool for analysts of innovative companies
Without TeqViser
5 projects per year
70% decision accuracy


With TeqViser
15 projects per year
90% decision accuracy


Super analyst
What we offer
When you have a lot of resources
When there are few of them
When they are not there at all

Using TeqViser artificial intelligence algorithms, you can independently analyze and find valuable data in public and private network sources.

Large database
Real-time updates
Unique search algorithms

If your task requires a unique approach, then TeqViser provides the opportunity for consulting project.

Connecting additional data sources for your needs
Personalization of the platform
Integration with internal IT systems
Big data text analytics

Our team will help you maximize the potential of the Teqviser platform for consulting-type tasks.

Competitive analysis
Market research
Digital transformation strategy
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